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Duties of the Education Committee


A. Inspect transcripts of all persons applying for Registration except those from U.K.C.C.  Examine Experiences – theoretical and clinical, and approve for Registration or Interview if necessary, to obtain clarification.
B. Inspect transcripts from persons wishing to complete nurse education in Trinidad and Tobago, having started elsewhere (usually United Kingdom) but sometimes in the Caribbean.  These applicants tend to be Trinidad and Tobago nationals.
C. Interview all applicants for Registration in Trinidad and Tobago whose first language is not English, to assess their ability to communicate effectively in English.
D. Prescribe pre-registration experiences for those from non-English speaking cultures – 10 weeks as follows:
1. Accident & Emergency
2. Community Health
3. Medical
The Committee may adjust the above as it deems necessary – using its discretionary powers.
a. Deal with matters pertaining to nursing students (B.N.E.P.) as stated in the Act.
b. Prepare Timetables for Examinations – Practical & Written.
c. Recommend persons from the Clinical Area as Practical Examiners.
d. Conduct: -  Practical Examinations
             - Written Examinations
e. Ensure Examination Booklets are prepared.
Examination Functions
1.Write items for use in EXAMINATIONS:

i. Registration Examination for Mental Nurses
ii. Preliminary
iii. Fundamental Assessment
iv. Nursing Assistant Trainee
2. Assist with correction of scripts.
3. Carry out analysis of NCR Examination results for Regional Meetings.
4. Write, pre-test and analyse test items for regional meetings of Nursing Councils held in July each year.
5. Other
(For persons serving as Examiners at Nursing Council’s Practical Examinations of the Council)
1. The Examiner is expected to examine two (2) candidates per day in the following areas:
a) Use of the nursing process to care for a patient.
b) Administration of medication (medication round).
2. The Examiner must be reminded that he/she serve as an agent for the Council and be guided accordingly when exercising their responsibility.